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Airway Broadband is a Gwalior based Internet Service Provider(ISP) and franchise of Word Phone ISP. Airway Broadband installs a Wi-Fi CPE (Outdoor Microwave transceiver) on the roof or exterior of our customer's building. We then extend an Ethernet CAT 5e network cable from this CPE down to the customer premise for connectivity into the customer’s network.Our technology use a fixed beam or transmission from one radio to another as opposed to the wireless technologies thatsupport the mobility of a cell phone, those technologies can lose connectivity when mobile or going from cell site to cell site.Airway Broadband uses Motorola, Deliberants, Radwin, Radmax, and Ubiquiti, technology— fixed wireless systems that support ranges of approximately 5 Km or less and never changes or moves. This provides greater reliability and allows Airway Broadband to provide a 99.99% uptime.

  We provide our customers with dedicated connections that provide speeds of 512 Kbps (kilo bit per second) to 10 Mbps(mega bit per second). DSL connections are “best effort” type technologies and do not provide a consistent or fixed bandwidth.The speed of the DSL connection varies widely from location to location and even by time of day as more or less customers geton the network.Yes. Airway Broadband's service is guaranteed fast. Our network is symmetrical and Airway Broadband gives you the flexibility toincrease service levels in the future. Businesses today need fast access for both upload and download, DSL connections do notsupport symmetrical access, providing only a minimal upload speed and inconsistent download speeds. Slow upload speeds from DSLmake it difficult to run VPN's, remote video monitoring, Web servers, and other Internet applications.Airway Broadband's network provides over-the-air encryption, which cryptographically scrambles the data bits, preventing anyone“listening” to the airwaves from deciphering any messages. In fact, Airway Broadband’s over-the-air link may be the most secureleg of a user’s Internet connection, even more so than a wired provider's network. One of the biggest issues surrounding the Internetis security.

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    The term “wireless” immediately raises questions on the security of the system. Most consumers have experiencedthe unintentional interception of portable phone signals and cellular phone signals and equate this to wireless. Explain, inlayman’s terms, how Airway Broadband’s Wi-Fi technology addresses these problems. (Long answer) First, unlike analog telephonetransmissions, digital transmissions of Internet traffic are much more difficult to intercept because of the complex cryptologyassociated with the technology. Second, like other Internet applications such as secure email or web browsing, users can employ manysecurity applications which prevent eavesdropping on transmissions - whether such security applications are installed on thelast-mile link to the user’s house or elsewhere in the Internet. Third, Airway Broadband’s fixed Wi-Fi system provides anover-the-air encryption, which cryptographically scrambles the data bits, preventing anyone “listening” to the airwaves fromdeciphering any messages. In fact, the microwave system’s over-the-air link may be the most secure leg of the typical user’sInternet connection.

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