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Aeroway is a LICENSED Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). Aeroway offers broadband and rented data transfer capacity administrations to business, corporate and private clients using TDM/MIMO multiplexing innovation in Point to Point and Point to Multi point mode. Contrasted with the universe of wired foundation, Aeroway appreciates many favorable circumstances: Wireless Last Mile, Quick and simple sending, Low establishment cost, Bandwidth on request, Transferable (Under accessible scope Policy).
   Aeroway has been intended to give a total control over its remote system, from a unified area and has full access to screen execution, streamline the system and alter supporter's necessities. Aeroway uses TDM/MIMO Multiplexing for RF last mile to convey consistent data transmission to its end clients. This Technology is incredibly impervious to obstruction, sticking and with better deterrent entrance capacity conveying higher QOS and uptime.
  One of the most critical contemplations for cost-control is of establishment. Aeroway has composed establishment in light of this. The greater part of our Radio components Power-over-Ethernet (POE) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) arrangements which are incorporated together. This implies the whole CPE is mounted outside on a Mast or on a divider.
 Aeroway offers a wide van'ety of High Speed web get to. We offer from plain Internet administration to tweaked bundles to suit singular need. Aeroway's favorable position is its Ultra Reliable spine connection to web.

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