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How Internet Access / Broadband is delivered in India

Broadband service / Internet access can be delivered to customer in multiple ways depending on customer location such as Urban / Semi - Urban or Rural. The price , speed, reliability, data volume all depends upon the technology used in delivering the service. Here are technologies used in India to deliver broadband access by over 240+ licensed broadband ISP's.

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line

DSL is one of the oldest technology used to transfer data faster using the telephone lines/ copper wires already installed in homes and offices. DSL based connections provides an average speed ranging between certains KBps to some MBps. The actual speed provided by DSL varies greatly and depends upon the distance between the user and nearest telephone company facility. DSL has 2 major varients Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line & Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL), and ADSL is used most widely in India majorly by BSNL and Airtel Broadband.

Fiber Optic Connections

Fiber optic is relatively new technology and mostly have limited coverage. Fiber optic transfers electrical signals at very high speed in glass fibers after convverting them into light signals. The speed delivered can very as distance between user and service porvider increases. Fiber optic provide higher speeds and bandwidth than DSL and all other technologies used to provide broadband. In India most of the new broadband ISP's are using fiber optics to deliver high bandwidth services like Act Fibernet, Hatway broadband, Airtel Fibernet, BSNL FTTH etc.

Satellite Communications

Satellite broadband is used to provide faster broadband access to remote areas where laying cable is not feasible. Similar, to TV , telephone links satellite can also be used to create broadband links. The speed of satelliate internet access is in the range of 500Kbps - 1Mbps slower than DSL and fiber optic but, faster than dial-ups.

Wireless Broadband 4G, MIMO

Its the most popular method, in which internet access is provided to user remotely either by installting some receiving device at users locations (WiMax) or using radio waves (3G/ 4G/ 5G). Wireless broadband can easily provide speeds in range of 1Mbps - 100Mbps. Actuall speed will be depend upon user's location from transmitter.

Broadband over Powerline

Broadband over powerline BPL uses existing low and high volate power lines to transmit data. BPL will provide internet access to homes having existing powerline connections. BPL is the most latest technology and is very limited to certain areas. The BPL can provide speeds comparable to that of DSL.

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